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2023 ACCE Papers

Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing

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Investigation of Surface Characteristics on Additively Manufactured Composites

Sung Jun Choi

Purdue University

Flexible Fusion 3D: Advancing Additive Molding Fabrication for Enhanced Mechanical Properties of FDM

Alex Kravchenko

Old Dominion

Upcycling Waste Biomass and Ocean-Recycled Plastics through Fused Deposition Modeling

Manjusri Misra

University of Guelph

Advancing the Use of Sandwiched Composites through Hybrid Manufacturing the Core Structures

Savannah Rose

Baylor University

Introduction of Continuous Fiber Thermoplastic Tapes and Laminates into 3D Printed Structures

Jonathan Spiegel

Polystrand, Avient Corporation

Advances in Thermoplastic Composites

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ATSP Innovations Estherm Oligomer for Enhancing Properties of Certain Thermoplastics

Fred Deans

F. Deans & Associates, Inc.

Thermoplastic Structural Composites for Sustainable Weight Reduction of Automotive Components

Chris Johnston / Frank Henning

Aerlyte Inc. / Fraunhofer ICT

Development of a Novel Light Weight Reinforced Thermoplastic (LWRT) for Automotive Applications

Richard Kim

Hanwha Azdel

Use of Thermal Black as Filler in High Performance HDPE Films

Mihaela Mihai

National Research Council of Canada

Green Composites from Hop Natural Fiber and Bioplastic

Arturo Rodriguez Uribe

University of Guelph

Restoration of Strength in Polyamide Woven Glass Fiber Organosheet After Impact Using Hot Pressing

Mohammad Nazmus Saquib

Old Dominion University

The Lightweight Solution for Underbody Protection Panels of BEVs: Glass fiber-PP Organo-sheets

Udo Steinhauer


Advances in Thermoset Composites

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Effect of Starch-based Hybrid Additive on Mechanical & Thermal Properties of Epoxy-based Composites

Lynsey Baxter

MITO Material Solutions

Metal Organic Thickeners for Styrene-Free Resins in Sheet Molding Compound

Eric Martin

Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Composites Research

Snap Cure Resin for High Rate FST Rated Automotive Composites

Henry Sodano

Trimer Technologies

Bonding, Joining, & Finishing

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EVO PT®: The Self-Tapping Evolution in Clamp Load Generation for Highly Engineered Plastics

Thiago Kalife


Ultrasonic Welding Optimization of Continuous Carbon Fiber Thermoplastic Reinforced Composite Plies

Harry Lee

Purdue University

BEST PAPER HONORABLE MENTION - Influence of Waterjet Cut Quality for Fabrication of Test Specimen on Mechanical Testing Results

Jacob Montrose

Purdue University

Carbon Composites & Reinforcements

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Carbon Fiber from Corn-stover-derived Lignin: Effect of Molecular Weight on Processing & Properties

Sagar Kanhere

Center for Advanced Fibers and Films, Department of Chemical Engineering, Clemson University

Extrusion Deposition/Compression Molding of Hybrid Carbon/Glass Fiber Thermoplastic Oil Pans

Brian Knouff

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Crack Growth Monitoring and Fatigue Analysis for CFRPs using Ultrasonic Inspection

Khaled Matalgah

Baylor University

Automated Foreign Object Detection for Composite Laminates Using High-Resolution Ultrasound Testing

Rifat Ara Nargis

Baylor University

Agility and Accuracy: Phased Array vs Single-Element Ultrasonic Testing in the Characterization of Barely Visible Impact Damage in CFRP Laminates

Rachel Van Lear

Baylor University

Composites in Electric Vehicles (EVs)

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Development and Validation of an EMI Enhanced SMC Compound for BEV Applications

Adam Halsband / Mike Campbell

Forward Engineering North America / Technical Fibre Products

Lightweight Hybrid Composite Design for E/V Battery Pack Case to Enhance Safety and Productivity

Jong Hyun Kim

Hanwha Advanced Materials

The Interdependency of Design, Materials, and Manufacturing to Optimize a Composite Battery Solution

Greg Poterala

Solvay Materials

Flame Retardant Intumescent Sheet Molding Compound for Electric Vehicle Battery Cover Application

Steven Prascius

Teijin Automotive Technologies

Enabling Technologies

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Simultaneous Estimation of In-Plane Permeability and Porosity in Fiber Reinforcement -

Anand Bora

Moldex3D Northern America, Inc.

High Performance, Bio-based & Sustainable Sandwich Core Materials for Automotive & Air Mobility

Russell Elkin

Baltek Inc.

Smart SMC Cutting and Stacking Solutions in Conjunction with Advanced SMC Production Lines

Raimond Grimm


BEST PAPER HONORABLE MENTION - Enhancing Recycled Thermoplastic Composite Parts Using Recycled Composite Laminate Cutouts

Garam Kim

Purdue University

Accelerating Sustainable Composites Manufacturing with Dielectric Sensors and Machine Learning

Alec Redmann


Integration of NDT into the Manufacturing Process Chain of Functionalized UD-tape Components

Aaditya Suratkar

Fraunhofer ICT

Modeling of Composites

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Predicting Fatigue Responses for Polymeric Materials

Sarvir Aashat / Dustin Souza

General Motors / Hexagon

Opportunities and Challenges of Composites Forming Simulation for Digital Product Development

Dominik Dörr

Simtuence GmbH

BEST PAPER WINNER - Press Forming of E-glass Fabric Reinforced Polypropylene: A Numerical Study

Chandra Kishore Reddy Emani

University of Michigan - Dearborn

Simulating the Effect of Bead Microstructure on Interlayer Adhesion in AM Extrusion-Deposition

Douglas Smith

Baylor University

Intralaminar Fatigue Crack Propagation Modeling of Central Notched CFRP Composite Laminates

Arief Yudhanto

Baylor University

Sustainable Composites

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Sustainable Polyolefin Composites for Today and Tomorrow

Kevin George

GEON Performance Solutions

Novel Cellulose Composites for Automotive Applications

Marton Kardos

Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.

Designing for Sustainable Content and Performance in Phenolic Sheet Molding Compound

Hugh MacDowell

Teijin Automotive Technologies

Upcycling the Impossible: Recovered Glass Fiber for a Genuine Circular Economy

David Morgan

Carbon Rivers

Use of Thermal Black in PLA Films for Industrial Applications

Sajjad Saeidlou

National Research Council of Canada

Elements of Sustainability for FRP Composites

John Schweitzer

American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA)

Hybridized Coir/glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Composites

Sanjita Wasti

University of Tennessee - Knoxville

2023 Special Edition: Partnerships Advancing Composites in Automotive Applications: Honda North America & Clemson University

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Design Development of a Lightweight Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Automotive Door

Amit Deshpande

Center for Composite Materials at University of Delaware

Performance Evaluation of World's First Thermoplastic Composite Door via Finite Element Analysis

Gang Li

Clemson University

Digital Lifecycle : Rethinking Auto Product Development with Thermoplastic Composites

Sai Aditya Pradeep

Clemson Composites Center

Advanced Manufacturing for Lightweight Continuous Carbon Fiber Thermoplastic Composite Door Assembly

Pal Swaminathan