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2021 ACCE Papers

Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing

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Process Induced Micro-Void Formation Within the Microstructure of Large Scale Polymer Composite Depo

Douglas Smith

Baylor University

Open Platform Advantages in 3D Printing and Finding the Right Materials for Large Components,

Haleyanne Freedman

M. Holland Company

Silicone Whipping Additive Manufacturing (SWAM) - Application in Automotive Manufacturing

Leonardo Simon

University of Waterloo

Hybrid Processes for Cost-efficient Manufacturing of Multi-Material/Functional Constructs

Saeed Farahani

Cleveland State University

Advances in Thermoplastic Composites

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An Approach for Integration of RTM Process Simulation

Anand Bora

Moldex3D N.A.

Development of Electrically Conductive Composites of Nylon12 by Incorporation of Biocarbon Filler (FINALIST FOR BEST PAPER AWARD)

Chinmoyee Das

Michigan Technological University

Optimization of Hybrid Thermoplastic Composite Production Based Artificial Intelligence

Ercument Ozturk

Karadeniz Technical University

Post Industrial Recycled Polypropylene for First Exterior Surface Aesthetic Applications

Matthew Delaney

The Materials Group

THERMOFIL HP- Innovative Solutions for Lightweighting Using Engineering Glass Fiber Reinforced PP

Nicolas Schlutig

Sumika Polymer Compounds Europe

A Metal Plastic Hybrid (MPH) Rail Extension Design Solution for Automotive Bumpers

Somasekhar Bobba Venkat


Advances in Thermoset Composites

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Pushing Structural Sheet Molding Compound Forward by Next-gen Production Line 'CUBE'

David Buecheler

Schmidt & Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG

Evaluating Phenolic Composite in Benchtop Thermal Runaway Testing

Ian Swentek

Hexion Inc.

Assembly and Reuse of Aromatic ThermoSetting coPolyester (ATSP) Composites

Jacob Meyer

ATSP Innovations, Inc.

Advancements in Accelerated Weathering Tests and Materials for Mold-in-Color Sheet Molding Compounds

Joe Amlung

INEOS Composites

Thermogravimetric Analysis of SMC Resins for Electric-vehicle Battery Enclosure Applications

June Wu

INEOS Composites

Composite Compression Limiter for Injection Molded Parts with Improved Pullout Strength

Kipp Grumm


Machine Learning Approach for Prediction of Fiber Orientation Distribution in Molded Composites

Oleksandr Kravchenko

Old Dominion University

Evaluation of Surface Appearance of Sheet Molded Composites

Tom Skelskey

INEOS Composites

Bonding, Joining, & Finishing

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Pultrusion Overmolding for Energy Management Applications

Ricardo Mercado


Numerical Study of Unavoidable Material Variability Effects on Damage Development Within a Composite

Richard Larson

Old Dominion University

Mechanical/Electrical Properties of MWCNT/PP Films for Structural Health Monitoring of GF/PP Joints

Wencai Li

Louisiana State University

Business Trends & Technology Solutions

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Advances in Multimaterial EV Battery Enclosures

Dr. Joseph Laux


Replacing Conventional Metal Wheel Balance Weights with Automated Precision Balance Composite System

Erik LaBelle


The Future of Composites Manufacturing: An Automation Case Study

Jamie Snudden


Integrating AI-Enabled Automatic Inspection of Composites with Automotive Quality Processes

Scott Blake

Aligned Vision

Carbon Composites & Reinforcements

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Mode I and Mode II Fracture Toughness Measurement for Non-crimp CFRP Composites

Aaditya Pradeep Suratkar

Western University

Energy Absorption of CFRP Channels under Quasi-Static and Dynamic Axial Crush Loading

Benjamin Harvey

University of Waterloo

Composite Battery Housing Based on (CF-)SMC/Prepreg Technology

Dr. Timo Huber

HRC Group / Advanced Composite Technology Center

Carbon Fibers from Hybrid Poplar-Derived Lignin

Sagar V Kanhere

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Clemson University

Enabling Technologies

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Introduction of a Battery Enclosure Thermal Runaway Material Screening Program

Amanda Nummy


Short Fiber TuFF Technology for Automotive Part Production

Dirk Heider

Composites Automation LLC

2022 Toyota Tundra 2nd Row Composite Seat Structures

Kipp Grumm


Enabling a Circular Lifecycle for Lignin-derived Non-Isocyanate Polyurethane Foams (2021 DR. JACKIE REHKOPF SCHOLARSHIP WINNER)

Lauren Slann

Clemson Composites Center

Waste to Product with Dieffenbacher's LFT-D Technology

Louis Kaptur


EMI Shielding Solutions for Automotive FRP Composite Applications

Michael Campbell

Technical Fibre Products Inc.

Effects Toward Automated Foreign Object Detection of Carbon Fiber Laminates Using Pulse Echo Ultrasound (FINALIST FOR BEST PAPER AWARD)

Nathaniel Blackman

Baylor University

Microsandwich - The Solution to Light-weighting, Cost-reduction and Sustainability Available Now

Russell Elkin

3A Composites

Hybrid Rocker Solution for Electric Vehicle Battery Protection for Side Impact Crashes

Somasekhar Bobba Venkat


Modeling of Composites

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CAE Modeling Static/Fatigue Performance of Short Glass Fiber Reinforced PP Coupon & Components

Congyue (James) Wang


A Sequential Simulation Approach for Predicting Molding and Process-Induced Deformations for GMT

Dr. Dominik Dörr

University of Western Ontario

HP-RTM and LCM Applications for the Automotive Industry

Dr. Gleb Meirson

Fraunhofer Center

ICME Solution to Predict Lifetime of Short Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Parts

Dustin Souza


Physics-Based Simulation Workflow for Stamp Forming of Thermoplastic Parts (FINALIST FOR BEST PAPER AWARD)

Rebecca Cutting

Purdue University Composites Manufacturing and Simulation Center

Effect of Platelet Length and Stochastic Morphology on Flexural Behavior of Prepreg Molded Composite

Siavash Sattar

Old Dominion University

Non-isothermal Crystallization Kinetic Model: Theory, Development and Application

Srikanth Pilla

Clemson University / Material Science and Engineering

Sustainable Composites

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Can SMC Composites Deliver Sustainable Solutions?

Adam Halsband

Forward Engineering North America

The Use of Soy-based Oils to Incorporate Recycled Crumb Rubber into Automotive Rubber Composites

Alexander Jones

Ford Motor Company

Thermal and Physical Properties of Thermosetting Composites with Incorporated Graphene

Daniel Mulqueen

Carbon Research and Development

Thermally-modified Wood: A Good Filler for Biopolymers

Douglas Gardner

University of Maine

Manufacture High Thruput Sustainable Automotive Parts Using Spray Transfer Molding (STM) Technology

Elias Shakour


A New Approach to Lightweight, Sustainable Nonwoven Composites in the Automotive Industry

Ziniu Yu