Advances in Thermoset Composites


    Paper Title                                                    Author          Company
PuriCoat System: A Low Emission, Solvent-Free Material Platform Enabling High Volume Production of Exterior Composite Parts Francis Defoor Hexion
Development of a Class A Lightweight SMC Liftgate for the Volkswagen Atlas Hendrik Mainka Volkswagen Group of America
Improving Mechanical Performance of Vinyl Ester and Unsaturated Polyester Carbon Fiber Composites Through Use of a Coupling Agent Brian Kleinheinz BYK USA, Inc
Enabling Electro-Mobility Battery System Serial Production with High-Performance Rapid Cure Epoxy SMC Pritesh Patel Evonik
Advances in Resin Technology for Structural Sheet Molding Compound Formulations Joseph Amlung Ashland LLC
Cost Effective Hood Manufacturing by Compression Resin Transfer Molding Unai Argarate Fagor Arrasate
Phenolic SMC for Automotive Fire Resistance Ian Swentek Hexion
Epoxy Composites with Short Fibers are Long on Benefits for Automotive Applications Philip Farris Jr SolEpoxy, Inc
Synthesis and Properties of Several Functional Dimeric Epoxy Resins Containing Naphthalene Units Mark Edwards Sun Chemical
Pushing the Boundaries with Novel Thermoset Polyolefin Composites Vishal Shrotriya Materia, Inc
Case Study: Development of an Epoxy Carbon Fiber Reinforced Roof Frame Using the High-Pressure Resin Transfer Molding Process Cedric Ball Hexion
Innovative Continuous Fiber Preforms for Liquid Thermoset Resin Processes Incorporating Conductive Pathways    
Mechanical Characterization and Constitutive Modeling of a Snap Cure Neat Epoxy Resin Under Dynamic Loading   Univ. Waterloo


    Paper Title                                                    Author          Company
A Nondestructive Approach to Determine the Extent and Depth of Internal Damage in Carbon Fiber Laminates Benjamin Blandford Baylor University
New High Strength to Density Ratio Glass Bubbles for Use in Thermosets and Thermoplastics Andrea Charif 3M Comopany
Evaluation of Epoxy Resins for Under-the-Hood Applications Anthony Coppola General Motors
Continuous Fiber Pre-Pregs Optimized for High Volume Manufacturing Dustin Davis Norplex-Micarta
A New Milestone in Carbon Fiber Sheet Molding Compound Arun Duraisamy Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research
A New Class of Metal Organic Thickeners for Sheet Molding Compound Arun Duraisamy Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research
Sheet Molded Compound (SMC) Testing and Understanding for Greater Modeling Reliance Rani Harb e-Xstream Engineering
SNAP RTM: A Cost Effective Compression RTM Variant to Manufacture Composite Components for Automotive Applications Lolei Khoun, PhD NRC
Mechanical Behavior of Compression Molded Hybrid Composites Alex Kravchenko Old Dominion University
Recyclable High Pressure Resin Transfer Molding (HP-RTM) Epoxy Properties and How They Compare To A Commercial System Gleb Meirson Fraunhofer Project Center
High Strain-Rate Behavior of Non Crimp Fabric Composites Fabricated By HP-RTM Process John Montesano University of Waterloo
The Effect of Nanocalcite-Modified Epoxy Resins On The Mechanical Properties and Tensile Fatigue Performance of Glass-Reinforced Composites Jim Nelson 3M
Next Generation of PU/PUR Overmolded Class A Interior and Exterior Composite Parts Dan Rozelman Hennecke, Inc.
Phenolic SMC for Automotive Fire Retardance Ian Swentek Hexion Inc.
Integrated Structural Monitoring of Composite Materials Via Distributed Optical Sensors Jung-Ting Tsai Purdue University
Low VOC and Low Odor Resin Designed for Liquid Compression Molding Application June Wu Ashland
High TG Fast Cure Resin System Ben Lehman Toray Composite Materials America, Inc.


Paper Title Author Company
Epoxy Matrix Technologies Enabling Cost Efficienct Mass Production of Composite Leaf Springs Heide Hexion, Inc.
Methods to Improve Mechanical Performance of Carbon Fiber Epoxy SMC Swentek Hexion, Inc.
Developing Low VOC, Low Odor, Low Residual Styrene SMC Products Skelskey Ashland
New Developments in Polyurethane Sheet Molding Compound Park Fraunhofer Project Center
Investigation of Mechanical Property Differences Between Composites Produced Using Vacuum Assisted Liquid Compression Molding and High Pressure Meirson Fraunhofer Project Center
Advances in Low Density SMC for Automotive Class A and Structural Applications Klipstein AOC
Specific Modulus Targeting for SMC Emrick Ashland
Phenolic Molding Compounds in Automotive Powertrain Applications Ball Hexion, Inc.