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    Paper Title                                    Author        Company

Fatigue Behavior of a Carbon Fiber SMC-R Under Uniaxial and Combined Stresses

Monish Urapakam Ramakrishnan University of Michigan, Dearborn

CAE Chain-based Optimization Strategies for Fiber Reinforced Composites Parts as a Key Element for Future Lightweight Design

Benedikt Fengler SIMUTENCE
Modeling Morphology and Physical Properties of Nanocomposites Using Molecular Simulation Jeffrey Sanders

Schrodinger, Inc.



    Paper Title                                    Author        Company
Predicting Composite Matrix Performance with Molecular Simulation Andrea Browning Schrodinger
Modular Approach to Material Card Generation Accelerating Composite Part Development Adam Halsband Ruhl Strategic Partners
Development of Stiffness Evaluation System That Considers Molding-Induced Long-Fiber Waviness Using Numerical Simulations MasatoshiKobayashi Honda R&D Co., Ltd. / Automobile R&D Center
The Effect of Glass Fiber Length On the Short-Term and Long-Term Behavior of Polypropylene Dayton Ramirez The Madison Group
Plastic Strain Based Criterion for Failure Predictions of Short Fiber Reinforced Plastics at Structural Level Dustin Souza e-Xstream Engineering
Determination of Mode II Traction Separation Law for S-2 Glass/Epoxy Composite Interface Under Different Loading Rates Sandeep Tamrakar Ford Motor Company
Latest Molding Simulation and Structural Analysis for Long Fiber Composites Srikar Vallury Moldex3D


Paper Title Author Company
Integrated Numerical Simulation for SMC in Compression Molding Process    
Virtual Characterization of Short Chopped Fiber Reinforced Plastic Behaviors Salmi, Calmels Xstream Engineering
End to End Process Simulation of the High Pressure Resin Transfer Molding Process Sharp Purdue University
Non-Destructive Inclusion Detection and Quantification for Carbon Fiber Laminated Composites with Pulse-Echo Ultrasonic Lens Moreton, Jack Baylor University
Sensing Low Velocity Impact Induced Delamination in CFR Composites Through Measuring Electrical Resistance Hart University of Iowa
Simulation of Injection Over-Molding for High-Rate Composites Processing Goodsell Purdue University
Toward an Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) Model for D-LFT Process Fan Western University, Canada
Validation of Material Models for Crash Testing of Carbon Fiber Composites_Project Conclustions Coppola General Motors
Micromechanical Simulation of a Multifunctional Hybrid Composite with Continuous Steel and Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Bauer Math2Market GmbH
Particle Filtering Based Prognosis of Fatigue Delamination Growth in Composites Using NDE Methods
Michigan State University
Multi-Scale Material Modeling and Progressive Failure Analysis of a Hybrid Composite Bumper Abdi,Godines AlphaSTAR Corp
Crush Simulation of Compression Modeled Chopped Fiber Box Section by a De-homogenized Multi Scale Computational Methodology Abdi, Godines AlphaSTAR Corp