Sustainable Composites


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Advances in Sustainable Composites for Automotive Applications Amar Mohanty Univ. of Guelph
Developing Structural Natural Fiber Parts Using Spray Transfer Molding (STM) Process Elias Shakour BASF
Post-Consumer Recycled Based High-Heat PA6,6 Development for Turbocharged Air Intake Ducting James Kempf Wellman
Latest Breakthroughs with Hybrid Reinforced Composites in Lightweight Applications Dinesha Ganesarajan, Leonardo Simon Univ. of Waterloo
Characterization of Hybrid Composite Based on Kenaf and Glass Fibers for Underbody Shield Applications Sandeep Tamrakar Ford
Methodology to Use PCR (Post-consumer Recycled) Polyamide Material as an Alternative Solution to Prime Polyamide in Automotive Applications Taehwan Kim Wellman
Quality Controls of Post-Consumer Recycled Carpet-Based Resins for the Automotive Industry Donald Wingard Wellman
Investigation of Variations in Closed Cell Foamed Polymer Composite Structures Daniel Pulipati Baylor Univ.
Food Industry-Waste Derived Biocarbon and Biobased Engineering Thermoplastic for Sustainable Composite Applications Maisyn Picard Univ. of Guelph
Development of Sustainable Hybrid Composites Using Recycled Polypropylene and Engineered Polysaccharide Sea Ho Jeon Wellman
Improved Utilization of Downstream Corn Oil from Bioethanol Industry: Super Performed Sustainable Flame Retardant for Engineering Plastic-Based Biocomposites in Automotive Applications  Boon Peng Chang Univ. of Guelph


    Paper Title                                    Author        Company
Value-Added Biocarbon From Biomass for Cost Effective, Lightweight and Sustainable Automotive Parts Atul Bali Competitive Green Technologies
Benefits of a Sustainable Celstran-Thrive Blend in Semi-Structural Applications Aimee Dahl Celanese
Effect of Polypropylene and Flax (Flax/PP) Pellet Length Variation on the Quality of Injection Molded Products LouisLaberge Lebel École Polytechnique de Montréal, Université de Montréal
Composite Board Prepared with Straw Chong Meng University of Waterloo
Use of Bio Sustainable Materials as Reinforcing Fillers for Plastic Parts in Specific Exterior Automotive Applications Akshay Trivedi Lear Corporation
Resin Transfer Molding of Bio-Based Composite Panels Vikram Yadama Washington State University


Paper Title Author Company
Hybrid Cellulose-Inorganic Reinforcement Polypropylene Composites-Lightweight Materials for Automotive Applications Batista Michigan State University
Natl Research Council Canada_Lightweight D-LFT Cellulose-Based Composites for Semi-Structural Applications Champagne National Research Council Canada
Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Basalt, Carbon Fiber-filled Recycled Polypropylene and Polyamide 6 Composites Gardner University of Maine
Glass Fiber-Nanocellulose-Unsaturated Polyester Resin Composite_ Processing, Properties and Potential for Automotive Applications Goswami Georgia Tech
Cellulose Nanocrystals For Lightweight Sheet Molding Compounds Composites Kalaitzidou Georgia Tech
Evaluation of Cellulose and Glass Fiber in Recycled Polyamide Thermoplastic Composites Simon University of Waterloo