Opportunities & Challenges with Carbon Composites + Carbon Composites-“Special”


    Paper Title                                                      Author                  Company
Design and Simulation of Non-crimp Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Channels for Energy Absorbing Applications Pravin Gopal Samy Dharmara Univ. Waterloo  
Energy Absorption Mechanisms in Impacted Non-Crimp Fabric Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites Aaditya Suratkar Western Univ.  
Development of Flowable Carbon Fiber Materials Selina Zhao General Motors  
Automated Cutting & Stacking Cell for Dry Fiber Textile Reinforcements (GF/CF) in Automotive and Aerospace Applications Christian Fais Schmidt & Heinzmann North America  
Suitability of Carbon Fiber Composites in a High-Volume Production Process for Vehicle Front Subframes John Ingram Magna International  
Carbon Fiber Subframe Development – Corrosion Mitigation Strategies and Test Results David Wagner Ford  
Carbon Fiber Subframe Development – Fatigue and Strength CAE and Test Results Xiaoming Chen Ford  
Carbon Fiber Subframe Design and CAE : Nikhil Bolar Magna International  



    Paper Title                                                     Author                  Company
The Design and Manufacture of  Lightweight Suspension Components Using Hybrid Carbon Fibre Composite Materials Ken Kendall WMG, University of Warwick CC
Single Step Forming and Moulding of Prepreg Composites for Use in Automotive Applications Rachel Weare University of Warwick CC
VORAFUSE™ M6400: Advanced Carbon Fiber Prepreg for High Performance Components with Complex Geometry Patrick Blanchard Ford Motor Company CC – SPECIAL
Progressive Crush Response of Discontinuous Carbon Fiber Composite Tubes Rebecca Cutting Purdue University CC – SPECIAL
Simulations of Mechanical Properties for Discontinuous Prepreg Composites Benjamin Denos Purdue University – CMSC CC – SPECIAL
Surface and Interfacial Engineering of the Vorafuse M6400/Carbon Fiber Composite Lawrence Drzal Michigan State University CC – SPECIAL
Flow Pattern Predictions & Validation for Discontinuous Prepreg Using Anisotropic Viscous Flow Simulation Anthony Favaloro Composites Manufacturing and Simulation Center, Purdue University CC – SPECIAL
Simulations Enabling Multimaterial Automotive Assemblies Johnathan Goodsell Purdue University CC – SPECIAL
Routes to Mesostructure Characterization of Composites Using Discontinuous Prepg and Mechanical Performance Mathew Kant University of Tennessee CC – SPECIAL
Process Modeling and Flexible Manufacturing of Multi-Phase Resin Based Thermoset and Thermoplastic Prepreg Alex Reichanadter Purdue University CC – SPECIAL


Paper Title Author Company
High Quality Carbon Fiber Epoxy Prepregs for a Wide Range of Reinforcement Architectures Balijepalli Dow Automotive Systems
Method to Utilize Aligned Carbon-Fiber Prepreg Trim Scrap for Structural Applications Chaudhary Dow Chemical
Carbon Fiber Composites B-Pillar Reinforcement Manufacturing-Automated Preforming and Molding Pecchia, Dahl Ford Motor Company
Carbon Fiber Composite B-Pillar Reinforcement Manufacturing-Ply Nesting and Automated Ply Layup Rebandt, Dahl Ford Motor Company
SolvaLite™ 730 Prepreg_Breaking the High-Volume Barrier for Structural Composites Jones Solvay