Enabling Technologies


    Paper Title                                    Author        Company
From Composite to Complex Materials – A Paradigm Shift for Vehicle Interiors Clay Maranville Ford

Polylactide based Direct-Long Fiber Thermoplastics (D-LFTs) for Automotive Interior Applications

Preetam Giri Michigan State Univ.

Evaluations of Low and Ultra-Low Density Sheet Molding Composites Using 3M™ Glass Bubbles

Erik Lebelle 3M

Development of a Single Cylinder Polymer Matrix Composite Engine Block

Anthony Coppola General Motors

Fiberpress – A New Generation of Composite Compression Molding

 Louis Kaptur Dieffenbacher

MoPaHyb – Modular Production Plant for Hybrid High-performance Composites

 Tobias Joppich  Fraunhofer-Institute for Chemical Technology
 Fatigue Life Prediction of Injection Molded Short Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics  Pierre Savoyat

e-Xstream engineering

 Advanced Modeling and Simulation Technology for Advanced Composites Forming  Tonya Cole, Dassault Systemes; Alireza Forghani  Convergent; Paulo Silva, Convergent


    Paper Title                                    Author        Company
In-Process Monitoring of Induction Welding of Thermoplastic Composites Based on Fiber Optics Elias Bearinger Luna Innovations, Lightwave Division
Innovative Laser Processing Concepts for the Challenges of Tomorrow Andreas Büchel Jenoptik Automotive
Rapid Fabrication of Vascular Channel Networks in Composite Materials Anthony Coppola General Motors
Innovative Production Technology for Series Production – Novel, Automated Solutions for Bonding Processing and the Sequential Preforming Process Tobias Fuerst Schmidt & Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG
New Benchmark in Continuous Fiber Thermoplastic Tailored Blank Manufacturing Louis Kaptur Dieffenbacher North America Inc.
Advancing Seating Design Through Composites Mathew Parkinson BASF
A Systems Approach to Develop Lightweight Door System Using Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Srikanth Pilla Clemson University
Scaling Effects of Glass-Reinforced Epoxy in Fatigue Via HPRTM Production Ian Swentek Hexion Inc.


Paper Title Author Company
Structural Health Monitoring Influence of Stress Fields in Propagation of Guided Waves in Composites Palanisamy Michigan State University
Experimental Ballistics and Comparative Quantification of Novel Polymer Foam Core Sandwich Structures Jasiuk,Raviprasad U of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Integration of Cost Models and Process Simulation Tools for Optimum Composite Manufacturing Process Pack General Motors
Fabrication of A Recycled Tow Carbon Fiber Overwrapped Pressure Vessel Maxey Vartega, Inc.
Structural Thermoplastic Lightweight Design for Automotive Mass Production-Compression Molding of UD Tapes and LFT Huber Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology
Transitioning Automatic Inspection of Composites from Aerospace to Fully Automated High-Volume Automotive Applications Blake Aligned Vision
T-RTM Technology and Processing of Thermoplastic Tapes_Two Technologies Managing A Common Challenge Müller ENGEL Austria GmbH
Hollow HP-RTM Carbon Fiber Parts Rozelman
Hennecke GmbH