Advances in Thermoplastic Composites 


   Paper Title                                     Author          Company
High-Performance Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene “Thermylene® P11” for Light Weighting Automotive Components Vive Apte Asahi Kasei Plastics North America Inc.
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyolefin Body Panels Megan Sheway Ford
Productivity Advantages of Lightweight Injection Molded Thermoplastics Enabled by 3M Hollow Glass Microspheres Shannon Bollin Ford
Preliminary Studies on the Effect of Polymeric Film Formers and Cross Linking Chemistries on the Water-Glycol Resistance of PA-Glass Fibre Composites Steve Bassetti Michelman

Direct Fiber Model Validation: Orientation Evolution in Simple Shear Flow

Sara Andrea Simon Univ. Wisconsin Polymer 
Thermoplastic Tape Reinforcements for Cost-efficient Lightweight Automotive Applications Christopher Kuhn Volkswagen
Structural Reinforcement of Nylon Parts with UD Tape Layups Stanislav Ivanov Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research
Stylight: A Cost-Efficient Production Solution Pierre Juan INEOS Styrolution
Viscosity Measurement Technique for Long Fiber Thermoplastic Material Gleb Meirson FPC-Western University

Novel In-situ Method for Studying Transfer Films and Tribology Performance of Additives

Rijo Jacob Robin, Superior Graphite; Bai Cheng Jim Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH
Additive Manufacturing of Innovative Near Net Shape Continuous Fiber Thermoplastic Composite Preforms John Ilkka Coats America
Title Author Company
Thermoplastic Pultrusion’s Cooling Temperature Effects on Pulling Forces and Deconsolidation Nawaf Alsinani Universite de Montreal, Polytechnique Montreal
One Step Hybrid Molding Process, a Cost-Effective Manufacturing Technique for Composite Parts Pal Swaminathan Lanxess

Fibre Direct Compounding – Efficient Fibre Reinforcement at Reduced Material Costs

Manuel Woehrle Manuel Woehrle
Simulation of Warpage and Mold Flow in the LFT-D Process Gleb Meirson FPC-Western University

Accelerating Adoption of Advanced Materials into Automotive Through Industry Collaboration

Adam Harms Ruhl Strategic Partners

Nanofiller-Reinforced Thermoplastic Hybrid Composites

Matthew Cassoli Ford

Nano-Enhanced Polyamide Biocomposites with Improved Dimensional Stability for Automotive Applications

Mohamed Abdelwahab University of Guelph


   Paper Title                                     Author          Company
New Manufacturing Process Concept for Structural Thermoplastic Parts Nora Beevers
Estibalitz Arregi
Grupo Antolin
Fagor Arrasate
Recyclable Composites Based on Polymers Reinforced With Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymers Dr. Donald G. Baird Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Development of Lightweight Reinforced Thermoplastic (LWRT) Composites Featuring Multi-Basis Weight for Different Applications Peng Cheng Hanwha Azdel
Long Fiber Thermoplastic Composites for Seating Structures Daniel Fuller Celanese
New Thermally Conductive Polycarbonates for Weight and Cost Savings in Automotive Applications Jim Lorenzo Covestro LLC
Method of Producing Complex Shape Composites with Xylylenediamine Derived Polyamide Matrix Nobuhiko Matsumoto Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co., Inc.
Flow Simulation of LFT-D Gleb Meirson Fraunhofer Project Center
Considering Process Induced Properties In Performance Simulation Of Hybrid Composite Parts Justin Miller Purdue University
Converging Technologies – Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Composites and Injection Molding of Structural Parts Norbert Mueller ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH
Substitution of Aluminum By Thermoplastic SMA/ABS-GF15 In Guide Rails for A Sunroof Roller-Blind Module Jacques Vivien Webasto
3-Point Bending Impact Test of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites Fumiaki Yano Shimadzu Corporation


Paper Title Author Company
Lightweight and Surface Technologies for New Field of Applications


KraussMaffei Corporation
Xylylenediamine Derived Polyamide Resin for High Mechanical Strength Composite Material Matsumoto
Gas Chemical co
Characterization of Engineering Grade Wood Plastic Composites- Properties for High Performance Applications Han University of Maine
Problems and Solutions for Exterior Automotive Heat Management Systems Grinsteinner Celanese
Weight Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite with Improved Formability Xu Hanwha Azdel
Mechanical and Adhesive Properties of Insert Injection Molded Aramid-Nylon Composites Pinpathomrat Kyoto Institute of Technology
New Material Solution for Lightweight Design Fialka Styrolution
Mass Production Applications with Tepex®, a Lightweight Thermoplastic Woven Composite Swaminathan Lanxess
Weight Reduction in Automotive Components Guhu Coats
Advances in Aliphatic Polyketone Composites Veith Esprix Technologies
Validation of Material Models_Fabrication and Crush Testing of CFR TP Composites for Automotive Energy Absorption Coppola General Motors