Advances in Reinforcement Technologies


    Paper Title                                 Author          Company
Agave Fiber Filled Polyproylene Composites for Automotive Applications Cindu Annandarajah Iowa State University
Foaming of Polymer Composite Materials: Automotive Perspectives Omar Faruk University of Toronto
Recycled Carbon Fibres Nonwoven Reinforcements for CFRP: A Sustainable Path for Composites Applications Marion Flahaut ELG CF
Advancements in Carbon Fiber SMC Thomas Skelskey Ashland
Engineered Braided Fabrics Enable Significant Cost Savings Billy Wood A&P Technology


Paper Title




Automotive Components
 Brüll  Aachen University
A New Fiber Composite Technology for Cost Effective Weight Reduction in Automotive Pradip Bahukudumbi Coats
Fiber Sizing Fundamentals and Emerging Technologies  Bassetti  Michelman